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PLEASE NOTE TUITION UP DATE AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2018  $6,800 + $100 registration fee TOTAL $6,900.00

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Massage Academy of the Poconos, LLC is licensed by the PA Board of Private Licensed Schools
101 – massage therapy level 1 (176 hours)
This is an introductory level course in Massage Therapy. The history of massage, laws and principals of massage, basic massage strokes, Swedish, deep muscle techniques, universal precautions, indications and contra-indications of massage, introduction to neuro-muscular therapy massage and practical hands on experience will be covered in this course. The student will be able to perform a full body massage at the end of this course.
102 – anatomy, physiology, pathology (200 hours)
This course will introduce the student to the human body and how it functions. The student will learn how homeostasis is maintained through normal functioning of all the systems in the body. Students will do an in-depth study of the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. Pathologies and abnormal functions will also be discussed.
103 – business practice management/ethics (16 hours)
The basic premises and guidelines to running the business aspect of health care. Course will include time and cash management, as well as proper business acumen.
104 – introduction to sports massage (16 hours)
This introductory class will acquaint the student to the most basic premises of sports massage. This includes, but is not limited to: pre and post event care, sport specific massage, body mechanics, most common athletic injuries, conditioning massage, stretching and range of motion.
105 – introduction to health care setting massage (12 hours)
This course is designed to teach students how to work in various health care settings. They will learn basic medical terminology, common abbreviations, universal precautions and how to safely and effectively administer massage therapy in hospitals and doctors’ offices. The student will learn to adapt massage techniques to be able to comfort and improve quality of life for their client.
106 – chair massage (8 hours)
The student will learn about the benefits of chair massage for their clients as well as how to use chair massage to market new business.
107 – introduction to reflexology (8 hours)
This course will give the student to most basic concepts and theories behind the art of reflexology.
108 – introduction to asian therapies (16 hours)
This introductory course will show the fundamental aspects of shiatsu which include the 5 Element Theory, Yin/Yang Theory, Meridians and concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
109 – introduction to spa therapies (16 hours)
This course is designed to acquaint the student with basic services offered at spas. They will have the opportunity to learn about: body wraps, clay, mud and seaweed uses, dry brushing, salt glows and hydro-therapy. They will also learn about marketing and packaging spa therapies.
110 – introduction to aroma therapy (8 hours)
In this course, students will explore basic aroma therapy concepts. Emphasis will be on safety and practical applications of common essential oils. History, indications and contraindications will be discussed. They will have hands on experience to mix essential oils. This course provides the foundation for further study in the field of aroma therapy.
111 – introduction to tai chi (4 hours)
The student will be introduced to the art of Tai Chi. Movement, energy and breath will be the focus of this course. The student will learn basic stretching to increase energy.
112 – career options for the massage therapist (8 hours)
In this course, the massage therapist will have the opportunity to explore the many different career options available to them in the massage field. This will enable the student to choose the area they may want to specialize in
113 – introduction to trigger point therapy (8 hours)
As an introductory class, objectives will be to provide the most basic concepts and treatment of “trigger points”. Students will learn the anatomical basis of pain and dysfunction on a neuro-muscular level. Students will also learn how to evaluate and manage myofascial pain. This course will enable the student to practice a non-invasive and very effective form of neuro-muscular therapy.
114 – introduction yoga (4 hours)
The student will be introduced to the art of Yoga. Movement, energy and breath will be the focus of this course. The student will learn basic stretching to increase energy.
115 – student clinic experience – (120 hours)
This supervised, hands-on practice. Senior students have the opportunity to schedule clients from the community for a full-body massage. This enables the student to gain the experience of massaging various body types and dealing with different personalities. The clinic provides the ability to complete a massage from beginning to end. This includes performing a proper client intake/interview, performing the massage properly, and scheduling the next appointment. Students will gain the hands-on experience necessary to be comfortable with a variant of massage, spa and hydro-therapy techniques. Students will have a thorough knowledge of draping. 20 hours of the clinic experience will be devoted to the pathways chosen by each student. This will include externships at spas and healthcare facilities. The clinic experience will also include community outreach events.
116 – massage therapy, level 2 (25 hours)
The student will take the foundation learned in Massage Therapy, Level 1 and expand that knowledge to include, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Therapy, Myofascial Release and other advanced massage techniques.
117 – health care setting pathway ( 25 hours )
This course is designed to advance the student in the health care setting, weather it be in a hospital setting, chiropractor’s office or medi-spa. If we participate in a Hospital, Immunizations may be required for this pathway. If student’s immunizations are not up to date the hospital may administer all needed at no cost to the student. Students may experience actual hospital protocol in a hospital externship or other healthcare facility when possible.
Letter from the Director/Owner

To the student:  
When I completed my Massage Therapy course in 1989, I knew I had made a decision, which would fulfill my life. Massage wasn’t nearly as popular and mainstream back then.  There weren’t so many opportunities waiting for Massage Therapists.  People were just starting to realize it wasn’t only for the rich and famous.  There were minimal resources available for therapists, but I loved what I did.  I loved feeling the muscle tension melt away beneath my fingers. My clients were happy to see me, happier when they left. Watching the transformation from stressed to relaxed. It is such a rewarding, caring, and giving career. I am honored and excited to share this profession with new students and old colleagues.

Many of us have created a path for the Massage Therapists of tomorrow.  This will enable us to reach out and touch the lives of so many people.

It is rewarding to see how far we have come.  Opportunities now exist with Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Hospitals, Spas, Resorts, Health Clubs, Nursing Homes and Corporations.

I am dedicated to bring to you, “the student”, some of the finest professionals in our area to share their knowledge.  This is a career of continuing education.  We can all learn something new or share something valuable with other Therapists.  I will continue to network with professionals to keep the program challenging and interesting for students and massage professionals.

I have had some wonderful opportunities and have met many interesting people in my career.  I still love what I do and I want to share these experiences.

From the Director/Owner of Massage Academy and Wellness



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How will I pay for this exciting new career?

There are many ways to pay your tuition:
  • Payment in full at time of enrollment – NO finance fees and you will be free of student loans when you graduate!

All of the following options will require a credit check to determine what loan you will qualify for. A co-signer may be required.

  • Payment plan during class.
  • A down payment of at least $1,500-$2,000 & monthly payments over your class duration to pay tuition in full at graduation.
  • No finance charges or student loans after you graduate!

Other tuition options

The following financing options will vary depending on your down payment, interest rate fees and duration of loan.

12 month  /18 month options
  • Interest rates will vary depending on your credit reports and co-signer ( if needed).

*Some students in the past have used the following ways to pay for their exciting new career as a Massage Therapist.

  • Credit card,Credit Union,Personal bank financing
  • Family member loan/ assistance,Savings account

We can provide contact information for various possible scholarships & tuition reimbursement plans that may be available at the time of your enrollment. These opportunities may also lead to future employment once you become a Licensed Massage Therapist!

Massage School FAQs

Massage Academy of the Poconos: An Overview

The MAP Massage Therapy program consists of an extensive, 670-hour program that will lead to a diploma in Massage Therapy. (We offer several different times and choices that will enable you to complete school and “have a life” at the same time.) We have one main goal for All Students: to offer a very thorough and extensive course of study in Massage Therapy for entry-level positions.

Additional Objectives:

  • Graduate well-educated, caring professionals to meet the growing need for qualified massage therapists.
  • Work competently with other health care providers.
  • Increase the public awareness of the positive benefits of Massage Therapy.
  • Provide an ethical framework from which to practice your new profession.
  • Give the student a strong business acumen to ensure success.
  • Prepare the student to sit for the (MBLEX) Licensing Exam.

Admissions: Process / Requirements
Applicants must submit completed Application Form, a completed Enrollment Agreement, along with a non-refundable $100 Registration fee. Please also submit an up-to-date Physician’s Statement of Health, with Mantoux TB test, and text copy of High School Diploma or G.E.D.

Transfer Credits: Course Transfer: If a student currently has a Certificate from another Licensed School of Massage Therapy (minimum 100 clock hours), and would like to continue their hours at Massage Academy of the Poconos, LLC they must meet the following requirements:

  1. General Admissions Requirements
  2. Take a written and practical exam with a score of 75% or higher (if applicable)
  3. Certification within the past 5 years of start date.

Admittance to the program will be assessed on an individual basis, with the approval of the Massage Therapy Director. Tuition will be adjusted accordingly for the student.

Schedule: This part-time program will follow PM class schedule (and/or AM schedule as available)

Evening program (+ some possible weekends) : 3 nights a week: 6pm-10pm (Days vary per class)   It will take approximately 1 year to complete the P/T Evening program

Daytime program (when available): 3 days a week: 9am-3pm (+ some weekends)   It will take approximately 9.5 months to complete the P/T Daytime program

Tuition: Total program fee= $6,900 ($6,800 plus $100 Registration fee)

In House Financing Options:

The following Payment Options are possible, with NO finance fees or student loans after graduation!

1) Payment taken in full at time of Enrollment.

All of the following options will require a credit check to determine which loan you qualify for. A co-signer may be required.

2) Payment over duration of class.

3) A down-payment of at least $1,500-$2,000, + monthly payments throughout class duration, in order to pay tuition in full by graduation.

 The following financing options will vary depending on your down payment, interest rate fees and duration of loan.

Loans offered: 12 month  /18 month options. Interest rates will vary depending on your credit reports and co-signer (if needed).

Past Students have also utilized:

1) Credit Card, Credit Union, Personal Bank Financing

2) Family-member Loan/ Assistance

3) Savings account

We can provide contact information for various possible scholarships & tuition reimbursement plans that may be available at the time of your enrollment.

Class Size: Our average class is 8 -15 students

License Process 

After graduation, you are required to take the MBLEX exam in order to obtain a Massage Therapy License. You will need to pass the exam to obtain a License and practice in the State of Pennsylvania- as well as other states, should you plan to get licensed and practice outside of PA.

Your Future in Massage Therapy:

Massage Therapists are in demand. There are many opportunities in the Poconos as well as the Lehigh Valley area. Possible work opportunities include (but are not limited to): Chiropractor/Medical/Physical Therapy Office, Spa, Fitness Center, Mobile Massage Service, Massage Franchise, and/or Private Practice.

Important note

  • If you are on a payment plan and you become 30-45 days late you may not attend classes until payments are up to date.
  • Lack of attendance will affect your ability to complete this program. It is important you choose the correct payment plan.

We want you to succeed and if your circumstances change please advise the Director as soon as possible to avoid educational interruption.

We look forward to exploring how you can enjoy this rewarding career!

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